Listening! This may seem rather obvious. However, listening is a skill rarely, if ever, taught at schools or universities.

The very idea of a new garden, for some people, may seem a rather daunting contemplation. The knowing professional, rather than imposing their ideas, should guide the uninitiated through the journey of self discovery in a collaborative manner and with the heart of a teacher.

We all hear – but do we all listen?

At English Landscapes Group we pride ourselves in not only hearing, but listening to our clients!


We believe that any garden should be an extension of a person’s living space, both physically and aesthetically. Indeed, the first site visit or two is frequently centered around what one sees from the windows of the home.

Gardening is a growth process in every sense, and helping a client fulfill the realization of their own aspirations and dreams can foster some awe-inspiring ideas.

Together with clients, we explore new ideas that may sometimes be unconventional or novel, but there is always a reference to the traditional as well. We do not have a “signature style”; each landscape is as unique and individual as the client and the geospatial environment.

Creation of a garden exudes from an understanding of the client’s thoughts and needs.

Larger gardens will often be designed and installed in phases, perhaps over the period of a few years. We love this process, which permits the personal relationship to develop in tandem with the garden.

We have extensive product knowledge, not just of plants, and are always happy to acquire samples to assist in the decision making process.

Each landscape is unique and individual.

We respect your space – we know we are honored to be working for you.

Installation - the realization of a vision

Continuity of professions is essential for smooth progress.

The majority of work is done by English Landscapes Group. Occasionally for very specialized trades and skills we do use other craftsmen. All are the very best in their area of expertise and have been our partners for years.

We respect your space – we know we are honored to be working for you.

I would no more permit blaring radios, foul language and spitting in your garden than I would in my own. We are quiet and respectful.

Creature comforts are very important too so we always have a portapotty on site. Much appreciated by our crew – particularly our female employees.


The need for continuity in care following garden installation is clear.

We are, for the most part, an exclusively organic company preferring to pull weeds rather than poison them. The benefits for the environment and the client are obvious, the benefits for our employees are just as important too.

We are committed to recycling. 100% of our green waste is composted and plastics are all recycled if appropriate. Little of our waste ends in landfill.

The frequency of maintenance visits is dependent on several factors; the client’s wishes, seasonal considerations and garden design being the most obvious.

Typically we only maintain gardens we install though we are happy to engage a new garden with a view to remodeling down the road.

We do not maintain grass or lawns but we are happy to make recommendations of companies that would be a good fit for you.

We prefer to pull weeds rather than poison them.

We provide permitting services and technical drawings for walls, patios and more.

Project management

We offer a fully inclusive Project Management service from the first telephone call to the removal of the last bag of rubbish.

Permitting for the construction of walls, patios and structures together with technical drawings etc. can be a daunting task for many clients – these are just some of the professional services that our clients find very useful.

Keeping the project moving is an important role, and time on task and efficiency are key, particularly if other trades are involved.

Consultation and Coaching

It is my experience that initial consultations frequently develop into a long term client / designer relationship, which is good for all.

That said, we are more than happy to provide a single consultation as well. It may be advice about design, species selection, pruning, water management, maintenance or problem avoidance.

Of course we are always coaching our employees and assisting them in attending academic courses in horticulture.

Initial consultations frequently develop into a long term client / designer relationship.